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we came out winners on this labor day. even for folks who did not have rough weather at the beach, but it turns out to be great. a complete turnaround by saturday. even the rip currents are backing off a little bit. the risk is now moderate. >> still dangers. >> but down to moderate. be careful if you take a final step before heading home. let's take a look at the radar satellite combination. all clear so far. i only noticed a couple of high, thin clouds here and there. up in ohio and michigan and indiana, there is some rain. that should stay north of us with high pressure giving us good weather once again. you might get tired of this good weather. it is just to drive. we'll talk about rain in the forecast coming up. >> our big story, the race for
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maryland governor is heating up. bob ehrlich hit the airwaves with his first television ad entitled "let's get to work." >> kim dacey joins us live from northwest baltimore with details. >> early voting polling places opened on friday. nearly 23,000 people statewide have cast their ballots already. those who have not have more to think about as bob ehrlich hit the tv airwaves. >> i am bob ehrlich. >> in his first television ad, bob ehrlich reintroduced himself to maryland voters. >> i am not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. >> he showed the -- we showed the spot to a political analyst. >> it was a perfect ad for
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his campaign. ad looks good. >> the esthetics always matter with ads. there are subtle things, but it is important as to getting the mood of the candidate. >> it outlines his major goals -- help small businesses, protect the bay, and -- >> fix the budget. >> "bob ehrlich is once again distorting the facts and making more empty promises as he tries to run away from his record." early never provide -- bob ehrlich never provided specifics as to how he will accomplish these goals. >> voters want to know how you will help us out of the recession.
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>> those early voting polling places will be opened today through thursday. the five sites will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. reporting live, kim dacey. >> thank you. our coverage continues on our website, we have posted information on the candidates and you can find out if the claims of the candidates are true. it is on the politics section of >> maryland students have again been targeted by late night crime. a woman was walking when he was approached by four people. police say he was tackled. in response to recent crime, police have launched crime time. this is between to p.m. and 4:00 a.m. and it is when students are most likely to be targeted.
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a boy is shot in the face in west baltimore near pennsylvania avenue. the victim was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition. >> as the week begins, so does final preparations in the gulf of mexico. bp engineers hoisted the failed blowout preventer to the surface. >> labor day will be the start of major worked. >> we should be able to move forward with the relief well sometime this week. >> the purpose at plugging of the well comes as the danger of another well goes away. sealing the well is just one task at hand. the investigation took a crucial step over the weekend.
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the failed blowout preventer was hoisted and is now headed to way nasa facility for analysis. >> knowing we have this off surfers and the investigation moving forward, everybody will understand what has taken place. >> the well site leader says finding answers help to honor the 11 men who died. >> they deserve this, and we need to find out for the industry. they would want its no love the way. >> a hope for a tragedy that is shared by many along the gulf coast. >> residence in nova scotia are cleaning up from hurricane earl. it operated treats and knocked down power lines leading more than 200,000 households in the dark. fallen branches were cleared
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from streets. the hurricane center had a tropical storm warning for newfoundland. on saturday, it was a different story. many vacationers headed down to the ocean for the labor day weekend and they were greeted by big waves. extra lifeguards were put on duty. some were up to the challenge for taking on the rough surf. ips oute are a lot of rep there. >> how tiring is deait/ ? >> very. >> some 200,000 vacationers were expected to hit the beach.
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>> there was a new rule announced which banned people from wearing baggy pants or skirts. , the article of clothing cannot be more than 3 inches below the top of the hip. first-time offenders will be charged $25. the ordinance is expected to be signed into law on tuesday. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. did the georgia town go too far by making low-rising pants or skirts a criminal offense? e-mail your response to again, that is >> president obama will spend labor day in wisconsin. he will talk about the economy. it is a family-oriented gathering. he appeared at the same rally in 2008, a few weeks before his victory in the state. the visit will be his third in
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wisconsin in a little over two months. joe biden will be taking part in labor day festivities in ohio. he is expected to walk in the labor day parade. he was there on august 23 to tour an assembly plants. 56 degrees on tv hill. birth.te birth.te
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>> good morning. you are beginning to see the first light of dawn. the temperature downtown is 66
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degrees. it is cooler away from the city and away from the bay. 67% humidity. northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. the temperature at the airport was 57 degrees. on tv hill, it was 56. some of the suburban readings are cooler. we see some clouds here and there. you can see some rain to the south of us and also at the great lakes. do not be threatened by that stuff. in looks like it will pass to our north and dissipate in the amounts to some degree. looks like another day with a lot of sunshine. we will be needing some rain soon. we will talk about the prospects for rain coming up in a few minutes. >> a new study suggests babies born pass their due date may
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have an increased risk for cerebral palsy. 3/4 for babies with that disease are born after 36 weeks of gestation. those born at 42 weeks or later have a greater risk of cerebral palsy. >> a course helping people who are blind learn self-defense. 20 people are learning to defend themselves and to use gps technology that will help them in their movement. the course instructor said it is different from regular self- defense. people who have difficulty seeing often reached with their hands out in front when approached by an attacker. coming up, craigslist makes some major changes at its site. >> the maryland state fair was
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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>> good morning. just a couple of clouds out there this morning around here. more to the south around the ocean. some clouds connected to a disturbance around the great lakes. it should dissipate as it moves to the east. it should stay north of us, any remnants of it. today is a very much like the past couple of days. humidity may go up just a bit. the sun will still be the dominant feature. let's look at the current temperatures outside. it is nice and cold out there. it might feel the chilly. frostburg, 46. hagar's burke, 46 degrees. hancock, 48.
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frederick, 52. -- hagerstown, 46. annapolis, 56. cambridge, 55. down at the ocean, 53 on the boardwalk in ocean city this morning. same at salzburg. this disturbance will go up over the top and more of these clouds will be over pennsylvania and new york state. once this high pressure moves further east, we will get a bite of this warm and humid air that is off to the west. you start seeing a more southerly breeze and that will see increased humidity. we will be warming up. this cool front which is moving into the dakotas, this weather system will be coming in middle of the week and that will change the weather a little bit as well. aston it is drifting
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slowly toward the leeward islands in the caribbean. we of tropical depression number 10 in the gulf of mexico. it will not strengthen all that much. it will provide some weather along the texas coast over the next couple of days. we're not all the tropical here today. low humidity with mostly sunny skies. a little warmer and the yesterday. we expect low 80's today. cooler in the mountains. stormtracker to the north of us but by tuesday evening, here's a weak cool front in ohio. it does move in on wednesday morning and we may pick up a club or brief shower or something like that. in looks like it will be a weakness system. there is a good chance we will not see anything with this.
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it will not watered the lawn or the boagarden. we do see a higher range chances by saturday into sunday with scattered showers by sunday. we do warm-up. more humidity with that very skimpy rain chance. thursday and friday, temperatures drop a little bit. then we will warm up ahead of the next system. >> that storm that was the justin bieber concert blew into the state fair last night. >> deborah weiner has more. >> this pretty much says it all, the frantic race to secure the best possible view of the teenage sensation. >> we love you, justin! >> some people waited in line for hours. >> parents were standing in line
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for wrist bands. >> just listen to how george lettuce tried to break down the fever. >> i am excited. >> can you breeze right now? >> no. >> tell me you're excited level right now. >> he sings about may. >> you? >> he sings to me -- he sings about it me. >> the pop star is seeking to a lot of merchants, to. >> it will pick up actually and bring it back to work because he has helped us a lot. >> there is some connection between this and $7 turkey legs. >> we're selling a lot of turkey legs. >> do not over think it. just remember this. >> he is talented and he is
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smart and he is hot. >> deborah weiner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> justin bieber turkey legs go hand in hand. if you went, you can share your pictures with us. today is the last day of this year's fair. be sure to send us your fare pictures. it is free and easy. we could show your pictures or video on 11 news. i knew you had a front row seat. >> 56 degrees on tv hill. much more ahead. >> including a look at your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> we have more on craigslist. >> there is the other side of craigslist, the highly controversial adult services section. in some cases, prostitution. but suddenly, the adult services link was replaced with this, " censored." >> we're thankful that
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craigslist has shut down their adult services section. we believed that lessens the suffering of so many girls who are being sold for sex. >> the websites operates around the world, but the link is only blocked in the u.s. there are many critics. attorneys general's wrote a joint letter demanding they remove the adult services section. >> craigslist is operating a red light district as plain to you as times square was bacchant 1973. >> the website came under heavy scrutiny last year after the arrest of the alleged craigslist killer. police say he attacked women who posted adults? s on craigslist. craigslist said they would crack do on adults ads.
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many women were still found on craigslist offering prostitution. >> craigslist has to be held accountable. it is making tens of thousands of dollars from these ads. >> craigslist makes millions on those ads, $36 million this year alone. >> i do hope this has been shut down and is not a game of semantics. >> the mystery swirls around this single word and the question, will the state or will it go? -- will it state or will it go? >> -- will it stay or will it go? the dress code for this year's march was a medieval battle dress. the parade honoring the six hunters anniversary of a war.
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there were many contests. most original consumer? interesting. what is that on its back? >> hmm. the dog is saying, please, get this off. a georgia city places a ban on saggy pants as part of a new dress code. the new rule was announced last week to keep people from wearing slung pants or skirts. up to $200 for each additional offense. the ordinance is expected to be signed into law on tuesday. that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- did the georgia town go too far by making low-rising pants or skirts a criminal offense?
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>> keep e-mailing those responses to we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website. >> pull them up. >> you can find our news at 5:00 p.m. on our bal-plus channel. >> here is a look ahead. >> a warning to dog owners as the company places a recall. >> foreclosures are bad for your health. >> a look back at some of this summer's money-making movies. stay tuned for that. >> today's weather could get boring, but nice.
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sunny skies to finish up the holiday weekend.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress.

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